About Pipenn

Jennifer Busch launched Pipenn to offer her unique, signature designs to the urban woman. As the New York born and bred CEO and lead designer of I. Buss & Allan Uniform Company, Jennifer has been honing her craft both in the office and out for more than two decades. She’s also the fourth generation in her family to lead the business proving an innate knack for fashion design and commerce.

Pipenn was born out of Jennifer’s tendency to make her own clothes, which inevitably caught the eyes of other women who wanted to purchase a piece for themselves. In response, Jennifer set to work designing made-to-order suits, dresses and jumpsuits in custom prints inspired by her original artwork. Each of the one-of-a-kind prints tells a story, referencing nature scenes and found objects, or incorporating abstract shapes Jennifer creates out of pipe cleaners, which she then photographs and digitally manipulates into inventive, bold patterns. The result is a collection defined by elegance with a uniquely fresh beat, influenced by a love of photography, art and culture, and a belief that clothes are an extension of the woman who wears them.